To you My Bun-ny Love

Ah, my darling Cinnamon Bun. Our union was destiny and I was never given a chance to do anything but fall deeply and madly in love with you. No food has ever had the power that you have over me. Your spicy scent is like a sirens call, beckoning me to wherever you are tempting me to bite into your yeasty warm pillowy softness. Many times, I have sighed with delight when my tongue meets the trifecta of your essence, butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. You are so bad for me Cinnamon Bun but I just can’t quit you. Then there are the times when you feel the need to sink your delicious confectionary talons into my very soul with the addition of the nectar of the Gods, ICING!!! I don’t ever want to be without you Cinnamon Bun, you complete me and when I am old and grey and yearning for a bit of my youth, I will think of you Cinnamon Bun and I will be free.